V Collective and Laurel Marshall. Thank you Wrensilva and Experia Creative!

V Collective and Laurel Marshall. Thank you Wrensilva and Experia Creative!


Monday night, VCollective client Laurel Marshall, and Founder and CEO of Be Inspired! Coaching & Consulting, facilitated a group coaching event, where participants were introduced to a Healthy Mind Platter™ of seven essential activities necessary for optimum mental health.   We are bombarded daily with information on how to be physically healthy and resilient; a combination of exercise, rest and nutrition.  What we don’t always hear about, is what it takes to keep our minds alert, creative and resilient; it’s more than exercise, rest and nutrition, and each of us needs our own unique combination of these seven activities:  Focus Time, Play Time, Connecting time, Physical Time, Time In, Down Time, and Sleep Time.


The Healthy Mind Platter™ developed by Scientists Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, and Dr. David Rock, executive director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, is a tool used by Brain-Based Results Trained Coaches to help clients better appreciate how these seven daily activities make up the full set of “mental nutrients” that are needed to strengthen our brain’s internal connections and our connections with other people and the world around. By engaging every day in each of these “servings,” you promote integration in your life and enable your brain to coordinate and balance its activities.


Throughout the evening we explored and shared how we feel about the time we spend on each of these areas, and where we may want to reprioritize, or better balance our time and activities going forward.  We each took away an inspired action to try out as a personal goal in 2020.  As you think about resolutions and goals for the upcoming new year, new decade, what will you do to further your quest for a happy, healthy 2020?


For those of you who missed the event, Laurel will be launching a short series on LinkedIn each Monday, to share a little information on each of these 7 different activities, and inspire others to lean-in to the new year and try on some mind-healthy behaviors and create new habits.  You can hear more and follow Laurel’s follow up messages on a Healthy Mind Platter with the following links:



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