Happy New Year

Tina, David, and Jason are looking forward to a fresh new year with endless possibilities after having made 2016 an amazing year to remember. Each month brought fresh challenges and accomplishments, giving the new studio a solid foundation for innovation. We couldn’t have done it without everyone who stuck with us from Phenix Salon to our 5th Avenue studio. While David was working overtime realizing V Collective’s final vision in Banker’s Hill as planner and contractor, Tina and Jason kept the ball rolling at Phenix Salon. It wasn’t always easy dealing with the hurdles of Phenix’s location issues, but our commitment to bringing V Collective to life carried us through.

We know this coming year will begin with the same wonderful energy as last January, where we attended LBP Front Row, which was a “4 day hair festival of epic proportions.” The excitement from that event carried over into Tina gaining national recognition as a grand prize recipient in a contest LBP Front Row sponsored. Following Tina’s success and attention, David attained his own success after gaining over 23,000 views on one of his haircut videos in its first month of being posted on Youtube. David hopes to rapidly expand V Collective’s internet presence so that the salon’s commitment to craft and innovation can reach a wider audience.

Speaking of audiences, V Collective also hosted the 1st R+Co regional class and the 1st V76 by Vaughn barbering class, inspiring the next generation of San Diego hair professionals with quality education from the leaders in luxury salon services. These classes truly brought to life the name of the studio, because Collective means active engagement with the community. We aim to inspire and engage the San Diego hair community to push innovation and quality across the board. After having experienced the versatility of our new studio’s interior, we can’t wait to host more events in the coming year. So here’s to 2017, where we will continue to bring quality and innovation to San Diego by traveling to the major hotspots for hair exploration and through educational events within our studio. We can’t wait for what is to come!