David and Tina Valencia ring in the New Year!

David and Tina Valencia ring in the New Year!

“This year has been monumental for our industry and Luxury Brand Partners – our portfolio of high-quality products continues to develop, our groundbreaking education events are inspiring stylists world-wide and our network of partner salons is expanding to include the best of the best in the business. While we keep pushing to elevate our industry, we invite you to join the mission so we can raise the bar together.

We challenge you – as stylists, colorists and salon owners – to up the ante and leave mediocrity behind.” Tev Finger, president LBP

 CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! We are proud to have joined that mission and we are grateful to our loyal clients who continue to support us through this process of growth and change.  This month, we are looking forward to attending LBP front row in Miami, the 4-day hair festival of “epic proportions” and can’t wait to translate our experience to your hair experience.

Reflecting on 2015, you could say we definitely went out with a bang! Selling dk hair was abrupt (our sincere apologies) and starting V Collective has taken off at lightening speed. Along this fast and furious journey we have rediscovered our passion for our craft of hairdressing. Goldwell has gone above and beyond our expectations for a color line and the experience of “painting” hair to match our haircuts has been rewarding. One stylist, one vision, perfect execution! We’re also having so much fun experimenting with Oribe products, especially the range and performance of the curl line.

As the dust is settling at our pop-up location downtown and the dust is kicking up in our permanent location in Bankers Hill, follow us on facebook for the latest updates and events and instagram (@V_COLLECTIVE) for hair inspiration. Wishing you all the best in 2016!

David and Tina Valencia

owner/stylist v collective hair studio