Covid-19 salon sanitation and safety measures

Covid-19 salon sanitation and safety measures



Client Screening

Online questionnaire to be completed no earlier than the day of the appointment and no longer than 1 hour before appointment.

Reschedule an appointment if client answers “yes” to any of the questions or until symptoms are resolved without medication for at least 72 hours, or at least 14 days after contact with a person with symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19

Record client contact information, date and time of appointment and provider for each client for tracing purposes.


Client Requirements

Masks required to be worn upon entering and remain on during entire time in salon.  Can be held on face during shampoo.

Wait in vehicle or outside of salon until contacted to enter or pop your head in to let us know you’re here.  Waiting areas in salon have been removed.

Hand washing or hand sanitizer upon entrance.

Limit the number of items brought into the salon.

Enable Apple pay, apple wallet or other touchless payment method if possible.

Clean, dry hair required for all appointment types.

No beard/mustache trims to avoid face-to-face contact.

If receiving a color service, please wear clothing that is color safe as gowns will no longer be provided but disposable capes will be provided.

Must have a scheduled appointment.

Only client receiving service may enter the salon, except for a parent or guardian, accompanying a minor or an individual with disabilities that is receiving the service.  This includes children.


Salon and Provider Safety Measures

Open/working stations are a minimum of 6 feet of distance apart.

All magazines, books, communal paper products removed.

Air extractor turned on throughout the day.

Provider to wash hands before and after every client.

Provider to wear a mask.

No blowdries.  Clients to come in with clean dry hair.  If shampooing after color, client will leave salon with damp hair.

No beverages or snacks provided.

Hand sanitizer provided at each station.

Clean capes or disposable capes provided for each client.

Doors and windows open when temperature allows it for fresh air circulation.  New A/C filters and commercial HEPA air purifier for maximum air safety.

Allow adequate time between each client to thoroughly sanitize stations, equipment and high touch points, including: workstation, countertop, chair and armrests, tools, door handles, restrooms, payment device etc.

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