Oribe at V Collective

We would best describe Oribe as a bathroom staple. The modern look, its sleek design makes for a decor piece that you would want out displayed rather than hidden away in the cupboard. But we’re not here just to sell you on the look, the formula is tested to perfection.

See it backstage and in the test salons until editorial and celebrity stylists alike are at the door. We’re talking about a brand that doesn’t stop until its out on top. You can smell the difference in Oribe products. Its signature scent has hints of citrus, cedarwood, and apples that have you in a trance by the end of the day.

Big round of applause to Oribe Canales, Daniel Kaner, and Tev Finger, renowned industry veterans. Consider yourself in great hands.

R+Co at V Collective

This week’s feature is R+Co. We love that everything about it comes from an understanding of the brand as a whole. The packaging is a reflection of their unique perspective on haircare and hairstyling. Designed with style and in remembrance of an emotion or attitude.  What we love about these products is that the fragrances are natural, but not wild. The formula is revolutionary. They are a preservation and advancement of their knowledge of hairdressing.

If you are looking for a brand that represents you, R+Co is the one to beat. If you are looking to test out the products, we’re holding a giveaway everyday this week starting on Saturday May 4, 2018. Follow us on Instagram and we’ll be posting on our Instagram stories every day for the next seven days one of each of our current favorites. Hint, you’ll see a few of these beauties from the picture above. Grid, Sunset Blvd, Foil, Cactus, Death Valley, and Outer Space. So what are you waiting for?