Tribute to Oribe Canales

“It was extraordinary,” said Oribe himself. “I have never experienced anything quite like it. It was a once in a lifetime kind of experience that I think everyone there will remember. I certainly will!”
Larger than life is how I would describe Oribe Canales. It was 10 years ago when David and I went to Vegas for the Oribe class. Class is such an understatement for what would turn out to be the most inspirational class that I have EVER attended. For those of you that know me, I have been to MANY classes/shows and there has yet to be another to come close. (well, maybe our photoshoot class with Garren in Miami) Grotesque Glamour was the theme of the two day event. Day one was a stage presentation at Rain nightclub where Oribe took stage with wigs, drag queens, pole dancers and silk artists. Think hairshow meets cirque du soleil meets Divine. The following day was a hands-on class introducing Dry Texturizing Spray! We entered a room with probably over 200 models they provided for us. Our kit had pins, wig caps, body paint and Dry Texturizing Spray to name a few. It all started off pretty tame, but then progressed from small hair pieces to full wigs that grew bigger and bigger as the day continued and ended with body paint all over the models’ faces and any exposed skin you could find to paint culminating in an epic runway show of all the models. I believe Oribe was using this platform for his ad campaign for Dry. He would walk around the dust filled room and with his hoarse voice, pick off the models he would use to photograph for the campaign. I was so excited when he chose mine and I will always treasure the photograph they ultimately chose for the ad campaign with MY MODEL next to him! Thank you Oribe Canales for the most memorable, inspirational and exciting hair experience of my career!