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Isse Hair show in Long Beach California…

Chinese New Year for some reason always feels like the official start of the new year for us. With the craziness of the holidays behind us, it allows us to take the time to clear out the old and bring in the new. We attended the International Salon and Spa expo in Long Beach.  The highlight of the show was a "Ted Talk" of sorts with Tabatha Coffey.  She got down to the nitty gritty and we loved every minute of it, as it assured us we are leaders in our industry  ensuring you have a great experience at V Collective. We...

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“Marco Delgado: Soul of a Barber, Vision of a Hairdresser”

 A Little after 12pm on October 24, Tina Valencia, co-owner of V Collective, was chatting with an audience eager to gain expert knowledge about barbering from visiting V76 educator Marco Delgado. She, her husband David Valencia, and manager Jason Dean had prepared a valuable educational session with this Los Angeles professional in order to expand awareness in San Diego about the fast-paced and ever changing hair industry. Before the demo, Tina warmly took questions concerning her experience as a stylist and business owner. She set the tone for an engaging few hours with Marco as she shared her own trials and...

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