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honoring the craft of hairdressing


[caption id="attachment_21559" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] V Collective is very proud to host Toni Gama's and her students. San Diego Cosmetology Apprenticeship cosmoappretice.com[/caption] [video width="720" height="406" mp4="http://vcollectivesd.com/website/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/IMG_0291.mp4"][/video]...

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Fall color and beyond the beachy waves!

David's latest fall photo shoot is all about enhancing what you have, not changing it! Very natural, with no grow out. Color technique: Balayage. Products: Crown scalp scrub with Sunset Boulevard shampoo and conditioner. One prep spray to comb through followed by Aircraft for blowdrying. Death Valley dry shampoo at the root on dry hair for volume. Styling technique: Flat iron pushing the hair upward and bending while tapping to create a finger wave pattern. Save...

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3 Different takes on the top knot or how you should wear your hair for spring.

  If you have long hair and you’ve been wearing the top knot, we have 3 alternatives to keep you ahead of the hair game. After watching most the shows at New York Fashion Week,  I was most inspired by the Anna Sui show with the “Minnie-Mouse”  buns.  It showcased a half up-half down, cute yet edgy style.  Longing to recreate this look in a shoot with our newly launched R+Co products,  I’m blown away by what I find in my inbox a week later.  Low and behold, it’s an email from R+Co describing Garren’s look for the Anna Sui Show...

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Christopher Triana brings the art of barbering to V Collective!

We're not always in the studio on Tuesdays, but we're always working on elevating the craft of hairdressing.  Christopher Triana joined the collective back in 2016 where he brings the art of barbering to the studio.  When he's not at the studio, he's teaching the barbering program at the Bellus Academy, as well as bringing his students to us.  A year ago, we decided to go rogue from the standard salon (an establishment where a hairdresser, beautician or couturier conducts business) and build a studio (place where people go to learn, practice, or study an art).  In light...

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Tina, David, and Jason are looking forward to a fresh new year with endless possibilities after having made 2016 an amazing year to remember. Each month brought fresh challenges and accomplishments, giving the new studio a solid foundation for innovation. We couldn’t have done it without everyone who stuck with us from Phenix Salon to our 5th Avenue studio. While David was working overtime realizing V Collective’s final vision in Banker’s Hill as planner and contractor, Tina and Jason kept the ball rolling at Phenix Salon. It wasn’t always easy dealing with the hurdles of Phenix’s location issues, but our...

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