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Goldwell color class!

[caption id="attachment_21133" align="alignnone" width="768"] Goldwell before photo[/caption] [caption id="attachment_21126" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Felicia & Alexa[/caption] [caption id="attachment_21137" align="alignnone" width="768"] After photo![/caption]...

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3 Different takes on the top knot or how you should wear your hair for spring.

  If you have long hair and you’ve been wearing the top knot, we have 3 alternatives to keep you ahead of the hair game. After watching most the shows at New York Fashion Week,  I was most inspired by the Anna Sui show with the “Minnie-Mouse”  buns.  It showcased a half up-half down, cute yet edgy style.  Longing to recreate this look in a shoot with our newly launched R+Co products,  I’m blown away by what I find in my inbox a week later.  Low and behold, it’s an email from R+Co describing Garren’s look for the Anna Sui Show...

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Christopher Triana brings the art of barbering to V Collective!

We're not always in the studio on Tuesdays, but we're always working on elevating the craft of hairdressing.  Christopher Triana joined the collective back in 2016 where he brings the art of barbering to the studio.  When he's not at the studio, he's teaching the barbering program at the Bellus Academy, as well as bringing his students to us.  A year ago, we decided to go rogue from the standard salon (an establishment where a hairdresser, beautician or couturier conducts business) and build a studio (place where people go to learn, practice, or study an art).  In light...

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“Marco Delgado: Soul of a Barber, Vision of a Hairdresser”

 A Little after 12pm on October 24, Tina Valencia, co-owner of V Collective, was chatting with an audience eager to gain expert knowledge about barbering from visiting V76 educator Marco Delgado. She, her husband David Valencia, and manager Jason Dean had prepared a valuable educational session with this Los Angeles professional in order to expand awareness in San Diego about the fast-paced and ever changing hair industry. Before the demo, Tina warmly took questions concerning her experience as a stylist and business owner. She set the tone for an engaging few hours with Marco as she shared her own trials and...

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Complimentary hair treatments and styles by celebrity hair stylist, Brick Boyett! Friday, Sept. 16th @12 – 3pm

Please reserve your spot ASAP as these will book quickly! or call 619.795.3899 Brick started his career in 1987 with a rigorous apprenticeship with Roger Thompson Salon (Barney’s New York at North Park Mall- Dallas) He moved to Los Angeles where he was discovered by Sally Hershberger as her first assistant and worked in the Los Angeles and New York salon.                                                                                                            ...

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Studio Tuesdays. How to cut curly hair for shape while maintaining length.

David Valencia, aka the curly hair guru, shows you how to do a curly hair dry cut.  In this video, he shares his curly hair technique that loosens and frees the curls, creating a beautiful shape without taking any length.  Much like a sculptor, he sees the entire composition and interplay between positive and negative space.  This is a great tutorial for seasoned hairstylists and also a great video for curly hair clients that are seeking something new. Most people with curly hair can identify with how much longer it takes to grow out, how much harder it is to maintain...

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